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Political party subsidies paid to eight parties, totaling 7.9 billion yen

On Oct. 20, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications disbursed 7.94342 billion yen in political party subsidies to eight political parties. Subsidies are disbursed four times a year, and this is the third disbursement this year. In accordance with the rules, the subsidies issued to the former Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ) and the former Democratic Party for the People (DPFP) were recalculated because the parties were disbanded and re-established in September. The Japanese Communist Party opposes the system and does not accept a subsidy.


The following are the amount for each party: the Liberal Democratic Party (4.31534 billion yen); CDPJ (1.9496 billion yen); Komeito (0.75733 billion yen); Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) (0.46327 billion yen); DPFP (0.28504 billion yen); Social Democratic Party (0.09069 billion yen); Party to Protect the People from NHK (0.04187 billion yen); and Reiwa Shinsengumi (0.04025 billion yen).

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