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Kono proposes Japan’s membership in “Five Eyes”

Nikkei reported on the opening on Friday of a security symposium in Tokyo that it co-sponsored with CSIS, focusing on a keynote speech delivered by Administrative Reform Minister Kono. The former defense minister reportedly stressed the importance for Japan to take a concerted approach with the U.S., the UK, and other Western countries amid deepening divisions between democratic states and autocratic ones. He reportedly expressed hope that Japan will eventually be invited to join the Five Eyes. He took issue with China’s rapid military buildup, with which he said Japan cannot easily keep pace, adding that the international community is faced with Beijing’s unilateral attempts to alter the status quo by force. The politician also criticized North Korea for continuing to develop missiles in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions. Kono vowed to strengthen the alliance with the U.S. to cope with these challenges.

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