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Yokohama plans to relocate hospital to USFJ Negishi Housing Area

  • October 30, 2020
  • , Nikkei , p. 35
  • JMH Translation

The city of Yokohama drafted a basic plan for the use of the U.S. Forces’ Negishi Housing Area after its return to Japan. The Yokohama City University Hospital will be relocated there on part of the site. The city will solicit public comments on the draft plan from Oct. 30, and aims to finalize the plan within fiscal 2020.


In the draft plan, the area is divided into three zones: culture/education, residential, and a wooded park. The Yokohama City University School of Medicine will be relocated to the culture/education zone. The Yokohama City University Hospital and the Yokohama City University Medical Center will be integrated into one hospital. The neighboring Negishi Forest Park will be expanded with the inclusion of the wooded park zone.


The Negishi Housing Area is located about 1 kilometers north of JR Negishi station, and spans an area of about 43 hectares. The demand for housing in the area is expected to be high because it is close to the Minatomirai area, is located on elevated ground, and has a good view. Low-rise buildings will be primarily considered in the housing development.


The Japanese and U.S. governments have agreed on an early return of the land to Japan and its joint use. The Japanese government has begun restoration work to return the land to its original state. The date of return has not yet been decided.

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