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Japan pitches ‘shochu’ to the world

  • November 2, 2020
  • English Press

Japanese trade officials want the world to know that sake isn’t the only traditional liquor the country can offer with pride. They’ve started a project to introduce global connoisseurs to the craft spirit known as “shochu.”


The Japan External Trade Organization, or JETRO, has set up a section on its English website called “Discover Shochu.”


The spirit is made by fermenting grains or vegetables such as barley or sweet potatoes. The new web section explains how shochu, and the Okinawa variety, “awamori,” are different from other distilled spirits, like gin and vodka. There are recipes for shochu cocktails as well.


The organization plans to host online meetings so Japanese brewers can get together with foreign buyers and bartenders.


Exports of sake reached about 220 million dollars last year. But the figure for shochu and awamori was less than a tenth of that.


A JETRO official says the potential for shochu is much greater due to the growing popularity of distilled spirits.

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