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Prime Minister Suga hoping to meet with Biden in February 

Nikkei wrote that in response to former Vice President Joe Biden’s projected victory in the U.S. presidential election, Prime Minister Suga is planning to seek an opportunity to visit the United States in February to hold talks with him. The paper wrote that Suga is hoping to meet with Biden as early as possible after the inauguration on Jan. 20. to demonstrate the strong alliance between the United States and Japan at home and abroad. The paper also wrote that Suga is hoping to confirm with the next U.S. president strengthened cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region and on climate change. 


The paper wrote that Suga told reporters on Monday that he congratulated Biden on his projected victory. Asked whether he has any plans to hold a teleconference with Biden or visit Washington, the premier said: “There’s nothing definite at this point, but I’d like to make such arrangements after gauging the right timing.” Speculating that the U.S. side will not accept any contact from the prime minister before the inauguration, the paper said the GOJ will make arrangements for Suga to visit the United States based on the view that February will be the earliest possible time for him to do so. The paper added, however, that the schedule could be delayed depending on the coronavirus situation in the United States. The paper went on to say that it is necessary for Suga to learn what U.S. policies will be adopted under Biden’s leadership with respect to the DPRK, Japan’s share of the cost for hosting U.S. troops, China, and climate change. 


All other national dailies wrote that the GOJ will begin making arrangements for Suga to visit the United States after the inauguration on Jan. 20.  

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