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Possible “power vacuum” in U.S. may cause security crisis

Fuji TV reported at noon that while the end of President Trump’s first term is 70 days away, there is an increasing risk of a “power vacuum” in security in the U.S. as the Trump administration has not given former Vice President Biden access to classified information. On top of that, President Trump dismissed Secretary of Defense Esper, the head of the Pentagon, which is the cornerstone of security. His dismissal was followed by the resignations of three other senior Pentagon officials, the network said. It added that concerns are growing as to whether the U.S. will be able to immediately respond to a contingency after the replacement of top Pentagon officials during this transition period. The network pointed out that during this situation with the potential to create a power vacuum, China is showing disturbing behavior such as stripping four pro-democracy lawmakers of their seats in the Hong Kong legislature. The network added that China may be planning to exploit the confusion in the U.S. to expand its military hegemony in the South China Sea or near the Senkaku islands, saying that Japan will no longer be able to dismiss Chinese expansionism as someone else’s problem.

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