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Japan’s death toll from COVID-19 tops 2,000

  • November 23, 2020
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The Monday editions of Asahi, Mainichi, and Sankei gave top play to reports that the death toll from the new coronavirus in Japan reached 2,001 on Sunday. Asahi noted that the first death due to COVID-19 in Japan was confirmed on Feb. 13 and the number of deaths reached 1,000 on July 20, saying that the figure is now rising at an increasing rate as the virus spreads across the nation, with the daily death toll frequently topping 10 in November. According to the daily, the number of deaths announced on Sunday was 3 in Hokkaido, and 1 each in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Aichi, bringing the cumulative total to 2,001, including those who were on Diamond Princess. A total of 479 deaths have been confirmed in Tokyo, 277 in Osaka, 185 in Kanagawa, 149 in Hokkaido, and 132 in Saitama. So far a total of 42 prefectures have confirmed deaths from the new coronavirus. The daily added that the majority of people who have died of COVID-19 were in their 70s or older.


Today’s papers wrote that the number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients doubled nationwide in about three weeks to reach 331 as of yesterday, surpassing the previous record high of 328 reported on April 30 during the first wave.

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