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China slipping in race to develop COVID-19 vaccine  

Friday’s Nikkei wrote that uncertainties have emerged in Chinese firms’ development of COVID-19 vaccines because although they once led in the global race to develop a vaccine, questions have arisen about the efficacy and safety of their products. The paper wrote that delays in its vaccine development may affect China’s “vaccine diplomacy.” Three Chinese companies — Sinovac, Sinopharm, and CanSinoBio — are conducting final clinical trials in at least 13 countries, including Indonesia and Brazil, and these countries will be first in line to receive the vaccines if they prove successful. The paper wrote that although Chinese leader Xi has indicated a plan to prioritize the supply of the vaccine to emerging countries in Africa and Southeast Asia with the aim of expanding China’s political influence over the region through “vaccine diplomacy,” it is unclear whether China will be able to regain leadership in coronavirus vaccine development. 

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