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Japan, China, South Korea to skip trilateral summit this year 

Nikkei wrote that Japan, China, and South Korea will likely postpone their planned trilateral summit until next year due to the continued tensions between Tokyo and Seoul over compensation for former Korean requisitioned workers and the difficulty in arranging an in-person meeting amid the coronavirus pandemic. The paper speculated that South Korea, which was scheduled to host the trilateral summit this year, is now planning to arrange a meeting early next year. The paper wrote that Japan maintains the position that it will be difficult for Prime Minister Suga to visit South Korea unless Seoul offers assurances that the assets of Japanese companies will not be liquidated in connection with their use of Korean workers during World War II. A senior GOJ official told the paper that it will no longer be possible to hold the summit this year. The paper conjectured that South Korean President Moon is hoping to demonstrate his diplomatic achievements by hosting the trilateral summit at a time when the situation in the Korean Peninsula is uncertain due to the power transition in the United States. 

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