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Suga mulls visiting U.S. to attend climate change summit   

Nikkei wrote that Prime Minister Suga is set to take a concerted line with the U.S., China, and other major producers of greenhouse gasses in order to realize his stated goal of creating a carbon neutral society by 2050. He is mulling traveling to the U.S. for a global climate summit President-elect Biden aims to host in his first 100 days in office. Since Biden is committed to addressing global warming, Suga is anxious to confirm mutual coordination on the climate front by traveling to the U.S. at an early date for a bilateral summit. The GOJ is also looking to launch a bilateral venue for dialogue on the environment. In a bid to increase Japan’s say in global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, Tokyo is also planning to establish with Beijing a bilateral framework to discuss joint efforts toward carbon neutrality.  

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