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  • December 17, 2020
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Broadcasters led with reports on the heavy snowfall mainly in Niigata and Gunma prefectures (NHK), a record high of 678 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Tokyo yesterday (NTV, TBS, TV Asahi), and Tokyo’s plan to call for reducing the time holiday lights are illuminated in public areas to prevent crowds from forming (Fuji TV). 


Main front-page items in national papers included the rise in the number of new COVID-19 cases over the three-week period during which the GOJ had promised to make “intensive efforts” to head off an exponential outbreak, a GOJ policy of reducing the upper limit on the number of primary school student per class from the present 40 to 35 by FY2025, and a Supreme Court ruling yesterday holding the central government accountable for offering compensation to victims of asbestos-related diseases and their bereaved families.  

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