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Expert warns of China’s space program

  • December 18, 2020
  • English Press

A Japanese expert on China’s security policy says a certain degree of caution is required for the country’s move to use space for military purposes.


Yatsuzuka Masaaki is a researcher of Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies.


He said China’s space program is aimed at demonstrating its national prestige and the legitimacy of rule by the Chinese Communist Party.


Yatsuzuka said China sees the United States as a major space power and aims to have space development capabilities on a par with the country.


He said China intends to enhance its comprehensive capabilities through the space program, including in scientific probes, commercial use and security.


Yatsuzuka said China is concerned that Western countries could take the initiative to create rules for military use of space.


China is believed to be developing weaponry to attack other countries’ satellites. Yatsuzuka said China appears to be steadily enhancing the performance of its arsenal.

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