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U.S. strategy document stipulates U.S. military’s defense of Taiwan in event of emergency

Asahi claimed that it has obtained an internal document drawn up by the Trump administration in February 2018 on U.S. strategies for the Indo-Pacific. The daily wrote that in addition to defending Taiwan in the event of an emergency, the document stated that the United States would support the modernization of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and the military of Taiwan. Asahi said the report also mentioned China’s increasing espionage and cyberattacks. According to the daily, the document, which was dated Feb. 15, 2018 and titled “A Memorandum of Strategic Framework in the Indo-Pacific,” was signed by then-National Security Advisor McMaster and classified “secret.” The daily wrote that according to a White House source, the document will be released as early as Wednesday after being declassified.

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