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China is seen as threat more than DPRK, 2020 Nikkei mail-in survey

In the mail-in survey conducted by the Nikkei, respondents were asked for the first time in the history of the poll whether they sense a threat from China. A total of 86% of respondents said that they either “sense a threat” or “generally sense a threat.” Meanwhile, a total of 82% respondents said they feel North Korea is a threat. China is seen by a larger segment of pollees as a threat than North Korea is.


[A total of only 9% of respondents said that they do not see China as a threat. Meanwhile, 13% of pollees said North Korea is not a threat.]


The National Security Strategy (NSS) released by the Japanese government in 2013 described North Korea as a “threat” but used the term “concern” in relation to China. The public’s harsh view of China may impact the revision of the NSS.


[Polling methodology: The mail-in poll was conducted by Nikkei Research in October and November 2020 of randomly selected men and women aged 18 and older nationwide. A total of 1,696 valid responses were received, for a valid response rate of 56.5%.]

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