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Morning news

  • January 15, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on the number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients reaching a record high of 920 nationwide (NHK), the increasing number of people dying of COVID-19 at home (NTV), the COVID-19 death toll in Osaka reaching 714, the highest in the nation (TBS, TV Asahi), and growing criticism of the Nagano mayor for participating in a New Year party attended by 200 people (Fuji TV).


Top stories in national dailies included the surge in coronavirus cases nationwide (Asahi), a GOJ plan to revise the Infectious Diseases Control Law to allow the government to urge hospitals to accept more COVID patients (Yomiuri), a GOJ plan to urge genetic test service providers to show their clients academic papers indicating the scientific basis for results (Mainichi), and moves by private companies to revise their rules for teleworking and a GOJ plan to promote teleworking by providing tax exemptions for telecom costs (Nikkei).

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