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Public less anxious about U.S.-Japan relations under incoming Biden administration

Monday’s Yomiuri reported that it found through its opinion survey conducted on Jan. 15 to 17 that in light of the imminent launch of the Biden administration, the Japanese public is far less anxious about the future of U.S.-Japan relations than four years ago when President Trump was inaugurated. According to the paper, 49% of respondents said they feel equally hopeful and anxious about the future of U.S.-Japan relations, 28% said they are more hopeful, and 19% said they are more anxious. In a survey conducted on January of 2017, immediately after the inauguration of President Trump, 70% said they were more anxious, 24% said they felt equally hopeful and anxious, and 4% said they were more hopeful. The daily wrote that the results reflect President-elect Biden’s policy of placing emphasis on multilateralism and U.S. allies as opposed to President Trump’s “America First” policy.

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