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Suga vows to contain COVID-19 as soon as possible 

All national dailies reported extensively on a major speech that Prime Minister Suga delivered yesterday at the Diet to present the administration’s policy goals for this year, noting that the embattled premier underscored his firm commitment to combating the novel coronavirus. “I will bring the infection under control as soon as possible in order to restore safety,” he was quoted as saying. The papers took note of the fact that Suga did not mention “balancing infection prevention and the economy” even though he has used the phrase repeatedly on previous occasions to highlight his focus on rebuilding the ailing economy hit hard by the pandemic. The dailies conjectured that the premier apparently decided to prioritize winning the battle against COVID-19 in view of strong criticism that the administration’s focus on economic reconstruction, including the “Go To Travel” tourism promotion campaign, has apparently allowed the virus to spread even further throughout the nation. The dailies also observed that in unveiling his policy platform, Suga took a “low key” attitude and appeared to be “on the defensive” in the face of rising public disapproval of the administration’s response to the pandemic.  

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