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Tokyo Metropolitan’s three hospitals designated as COVID-19 treatment centers

  • January 14, 2021
  • , Yomiuri , p. 34
  • JMH Translation

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on Jan. 13 that Hiroo Hospital (Shibuya Ward), Toshima Hospital (Itabashi Ward), and Ebara Hospital (Ota Ward), which it jointly operates with the Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Treatment Corporation, will be made dedicated to treat COVID-19 patients. Hiroo Hospital will suspend accepting non-COVID 19 patients for hospitalization and treatment. Toshima and Ebara will also suspend outpatient services except perinatal medicine and psychiatry. The move is expected to increase the combined capacity of the three hospitals’ acceptance of COVID-19 patients to 700 from the current 100. (Abridged)

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