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CCS Kato comments on Suga’s teleconference with President Biden

NHK reported today that Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato commented on President Biden’s remark during his teleconference with Prime Minister Suga that the Senkaku Islands fall under Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty. Kato reportedly told reporters this morning: “It was very significant, as it was an expression of the U.S.’s intent to continue to strengthen the deterrence of the U.S.-Japan alliance under the Biden administration as we face a tough security environment.” He also reportedly said: “Japan will continue to secure peace and safety and appropriately improve our defense capability based on our commitment to protect our land, sea, and airspace. We will work closely with the Biden administration and further strengthen the deterrence and response capabilities of the alliance.” In relation to the invitation extended to Suga to attend a climate change summit in April, Kato reportedly said: “With an eye on the summit, we hope to continue to lead the international community in cooperation with the U.S. and other nations to realize the decarbonized society sought in the Paris Agreement.”

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