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Japan’s 2020 food exports hit record high for eighth consecutive year  

  • February 6, 2021
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The Saturday editions of all national dailies wrote that Japan’s food exports, including agriculture, forestry, and fishery products, in 2020 hit a record high for the eighth consecutive year, due to a boost in online sales and sales of such household items as eggs, rice, and Japanese sake amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that has been forcing people to stay home. Such exports rose 1.1% from the previous year to 922.3 billion yen ($8.74 billion), but failed to reach the government goal of 1 trillion yen ($9.4 billion). The papers wrote that although the GOJ has set a goal of increasing food exports to 2 trillion yen by 2025 and 5 trillion yen by 2030, shipments have remained under 1 trillion yen since 2018. Asahi wrote that about 70% of Japan’s food exports in 2020 were bound for Hong Kong, China, the United States, Taiwan, and Vietnam. 

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