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President Biden says decision on Tokyo Olympics must be based on science 

Nikkei, Yomiuri, and Asahi wrote that President Biden said on a radio show on Sunday that any decision about holding the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games must be based on science. The papers wrote that this was the first time for the President to express an opinion on the holding of the Olympics since he took office in January. Nikkei and Asahi wrote that President Biden reportedly said he has discussed the issue with Prime Minister Suga. The papers wrote that the President reportedly said Prime Minister Suga is working very hard to be able to host them. The papers also quoted President Biden as saying he hopes it will be possible to hold the Olympics, but it remains to be seen. The President reportedly added that although the athletes who have worked for four years to prepare for the Olympics would be disappointed if they were to lose a chance that only comes along once every four years, the Biden administration is a science-driven administration and he believes other nations take the same position. Yomiuri noted that Suga told reporters after his teleconference with the President on Jan. 28 that they did not discuss the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. 

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