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U.S. Navy conducts drills in South China Sea

NHK reported this morning that the U.S. Navy announced that a pair of carrier strike groups conducted military drills in the South China Sea on Tuesday, saying that this was the first time for such drills to be held since the launch of the Biden administration. The network noted that the move came after a freedom of navigation operation on Feb. 5 and claimed that it was aimed at sending a strong message to China. According to the network, the U.S. Seventh Fleet released a statement saying that the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group and the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group conducted dual carrier operations on Tuesday. Commander Verissimo of the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group reportedly stressed: “Through operations like this, we ensure that we are tactically proficient to meet the challenge of maintaining peace and we are able to continue to show our partners and allies in the region that we are committed to promoting a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.” The network added that the Biden administration has upheld the position of the former Trump administration that China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea are illegal.

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