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GOJ, LDP displeased with Koike for boycott of meeting with Mori

  • February 14, 2021
  • , Yomiuri
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Sunday’s Yomiuri wrote that the Suga administration and the ruling LDP are increasingly distrustful of Tokyo Governor Koike, who apparently played a key role in bringing down Tokyo Olympics organizing committee President Mori. Her abrupt decision to boycott a planned four-way meeting with International Olympic Committee President Bach, Mori, and Olympics Minister Hashimoto was regarded as serving an ultimatum to the embattled former prime minister, who had tried to weather the crisis by securing backing from the administration and the ruling party. As Koike is regarded as skillful at reading public opinion and staging political stunts to outmaneuver her political rivals, GOJ and ruling officials are wary that she may try to do the same again to support candidates of her own party in the metropolitan assembly election in July by capitalizing on lingering public discontent about the LDP administration’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

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