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Cabinet support improves slightly

Sunday’s Mainichi front-paged the results of the latest public opinion poll that put support for the Suga cabinet at 38%, up 5 points from a month ago, and nonsupport at 51%, down 6 points. This was the first time for the five-month-old administration to see a rise in popularity. Some 23% approved of the GOJ response to the coronavirus resurgence, up 8 points, while 51% disapproved of it, down 15 points. Close to half of the respondents said the COVID-19 state of emergency should be kept in place through March 7. Asahi’s opinion survey pointed to a similar trend, with cabinet support standing at 34%, up 1 point, and nonsupport at 43%, down 2 points. Slightly over 30% approved of the administration’s handling of the pandemic, up 6 points, while 56% felt otherwise, down 7 points.

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