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Japan keen to address India’s misgivings ahead of Quad summit  

Saturday’s Asahi reported on a consensus recently forged between the foreign ministers of the U.S., Japan, Australia, and India on organizing a summit meeting between their leaders, saying that Tokyo is being especially careful to assuage New Delhi’s concern that the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue will become a coalition against China. “As relations between India and China are very sensitive, it’s very important to ensure that the four-way venue is amenable to India,” a senior Japanese diplomat was quoted as saying. Japan has reportedly underscored to India that the members are not interested in forming a coalition against China and that the four-party framework will not be a military arrangement.  


Meanwhile, today’s Sankei speculated that China may have elected to seal a disengagement agreement with India following the recent border dispute in Kashmir out of concern that continuing to take a hard line could prompt New Delhi to further strengthen its partnership with the other Quad members. 

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