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70 pct in Japan want to get vaccinated, Jiji poll

Tokyo, Feb. 20 (Jiji Press)–About 70 pct of people in Japan want to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a Jiji Press survey conducted in February showed.


The poll showed that 70.1 pct of respondents said they want to get vaccinated, while 17.5 pct said they do not and 12.4 pct said they do not know. It showed that 73.4 pct of men and 66.3 pct of women want to get vaccinated.


By age, 80.0 pct of respondents in their 60s and 76.4 pct of those in their 70s or over want to get vaccinated. The proportion was lowest among those between 18 and 29, at 60.8 pct.


The survey also showed that 75.5 pct of respondents said they have safety concerns over COVID-19 vaccines, far higher than the 23.2 pct who said they have no worries.


The proportion of people with safety concerns came to 81.5 pct for women and 70.4 pct for men. By age, the share came to 80.8 pct for those between 18 and 29 and 80.4 pct for those in their 40s.


A majority of respondents, at 58.4 pct, said they oppose holding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics this summer, while 28.5 pct were in support.


With multiple answers allowed for a question about reasons for opposing holding the games, 67.9 pct said that the COVID-19 pandemic is unlikely to be contained, and 67.0 pct said that infection would not be avoided even if protective measures are taken.


Among those in favor of holding the games, 63.4 pct said the event should take place for the sake of athletes.


The interview-based survey was conducted with 2,000 people aged 18 or over across the country. Valid responses came from 61.9 pct.

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