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U.S. military conducted low-altitude flights nationwide last fiscal year

Ryukyu Shimpo led with the finding that a total of 18 local legislatures submitted to the House of Representative in FY2020 motions calling for the suspension of low-altitude flights by U.S. military planes in their jurisdictions, noting that as the corresponding figure a year earlier was just one, the surge pointed to the U.S. military having conducted what the daily called dangerous flights throughout Japan. According to the article, a total of 310 eyewitness accounts of such flights were reported by residents to prefectural authorities in Ehime, the highest number ever. The corresponding figure in Kochi was 252, the second highest. While explaining that the U.S. military has for years used “Route Orange” for flight training over the two Shikoku prefectures, the daily said the number of low-altitude flights there appeared to be unusually high last fiscal year.

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