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Secretaries Blinken, Austin to make their first overseas trips to Japan

NHK reported at 3 p m. that according to diplomatic sources in the U.S. and Japan, arrangements are being made for Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin to make their first overseas trips to Japan and South Korea in mid-March. The network also said that arrangements are underway for Secretary Austin to visit India and for Secretary Blinken to visit Europe after visiting South Korea. The network added that the Biden administration has indicated it will take a hardline policy against China over human rights issues and its military buildup, saying that the visits by the two secretaries are a way to emphasize the U.S. stance to work closely with allies to counter China. The network also said that by demonstrating a policy of valuing allies and partners that share common values such as democracy and the rule of law the Biden administration wants to show that the U.S. has shifted its foreign policy from the Trump administration’s “America First” to a policy that values international cooperation.

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