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Speculation rife over timing of next snap general election

Saturday’s Sankei wrote that speculation is rife among LDP lawmakers over when Prime Minister Suga will dissolve the Lower House for a snap general election. Some LDP members speculate that Suga could dissolve the Lower House as early as April, immediately after enacting legislation related to his signature policy of digital transformation. The paper speculated that under this scenario, the election could be set for May and Suga will be able to tout his achievements if the coronavirus situation has been under control and preparations for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have proceeded smoothly by then. The paper wrote, however, that although the Komeito party is inclined to accept the idea of a May election, there is a risk of a “fourth wave” of COVID-19 by around that time. The paper wrote that another scenario being discussed among LDP lawmakers is for Suga to dissolve the Lower House after the Paralympics end on Sept. 5. Lower House dissolution on Sept. 27 for a snap general election on Oct. 24 is another possibility.

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