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  • March 8, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on a mid-term report compiled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications saying that its senior officials being treated to expensive meals by the NTT president was in violation of the National Public Service Ethics Code (NHK), cancellations of many spring events due to the COVID-19 situation (NTV), wedding ceremonies being postponed due to the extension of the state of emergency for the Tokyo area (TBS), a TV commercial targeting youths to promote their awareness of the importance of COVID-19 measures (Fuji TV), and the third case of anaphylaxis reaction in Japan after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination (TV Asahi).


Top stories in national dailies included a 44% drop in population in areas hit hard by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake where the ground level was elevated to protect against tsunamis due to prolonged construction work (Yomiuri), the low rate of women’s participation in drafting anti-disaster plans in 42 municipalities that were affected by the 2011 disaster (Asahi), changes in the content of an exhibition on the 2011 nuclear crisis at a Fukushima museum (Mainichi), the finding that government funds to help create jobs in areas affected by the 2011 disaster have not been fully used (Nikkei), and a Health Ministry plan to continue to use hotels as lodgings for COVID-19 patients with minor symptoms (Sankei).

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