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US envoys to Japan send video message

Present and past US envoys to Japan have sent a video message, expressing solidarity with the Japanese people on the 10th anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami.


They posted the video on Thursday on the official Twitter account of the US Embassy’s Charge d’Affaires ad interim, Joseph Young.


Young mourned the people who perished in the disaster. He pledged to support the reconstruction of the quake-hit Tohoku region and bolster the ties between the two countries.


The video also features messages from the three former US ambassadors to Japan over the past decade.


John Roos was the US ambassador to Japan when the disasters struck. He said it was the honor of his life to be part of Operation Tomodachi, a joint rescue effort by the US military and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces following the 2011 disaster.


Roos said he was proud that the US was there to support the people of Japan in their time of need and to work side by side with the courageous women and men of the Japanese SDF. He said, “The memory of March 11 will always remain in our hearts and minds.”


Caroline Kennedy, who succeeded Roos, said, “The warm personal connections between Japanese and Americans are what make our countries’ friendship so unique. I’ve watched those bonds grow ever stronger during the past decade.” She also said, “As we commemorate this solemn anniversary, I’m certain that the tradition of cooperation that arose from that day will continue to flourish.”


Kennedy’s successor, William Hagerty, praised the people of Tohoku for their “remarkable resilience and the tremendous progress they’ve made toward rebuilding.”


He said that 10 years after the disaster, the US and Japan can be proud of the work that so many of their businesses and organizations have done to strengthen bilateral exchanges and economic ties and to invest in their mutual prosperity for many years to come.


Young wrapped up the message by saying, “On this day of remembrance and mourning, we pledge to honor the memory of those who were lost, support the ongoing recovery of Tohoku and continue to build on this most important of alliances.”


The video ends with the four envoys appearing on the screen and saying, in Japanese, “Let’s keep trying our best together.”

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