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Prime minister’s schedule on March 12, 2021

  • March 13, 2021
  • , Sankei , p. 5
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March 12, 2021 


Left the House of Representatives members’ dormitory in Tokyo’s Akasaka district. 


Arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office [Kantei]. Went for a walk on the grounds of the Kantei. 

08:28 – 08:36 

Attended a Cabinet meeting.  

08:39 – 08:48 

Met with Minister in charge of Regional Revitalization Tetsushi Sakamoto. 

10:01 – 10:11 

Met with Director-General of Cabinet Office’s Decoration Bureau Hiromu Onoda.  

10:12 – 10:26 

Met with Secretary-General of the Headquarters for the Abduction Issue Shoichiro Ishikawa. 

12:14 – 12:35 

Attended a liaison meeting between the government and the ruling parties.   

14:02 – 14:13 

Met with National Security Secretariat Secretary General Shigeru KitamuraSpecial Advisor to the Prime Minister Hiroto IzumiVice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeo Akiba; and MOD Administrative Vice Minister of Defense Kazuhisa Shimada. 

14:14 – 14:30 

Met with Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy Shinji Inoue; Izumi; Cabinet Office Director-General for Innovation Koichi Akaishi; and Cabinet Office Director-General Takashi Yanagi 

15:40 – 15:58 

Met with LDP Chairperson of the Headquarters for Promoting Administrative Reform Yasufumi Tanahashi. 

16:00 – 16:08 

Met with Director of Cabinet Intelligence Hiroaki Takizawa.  

16:15 – 16:26 

Met with MOFA Foreign Policy Bureau Director-General Shigeo Yamada; MOD Defense Policy Bureau Director-General Masami Oka; and Vice Chief of Staff, Joint Staff Yasuhiko Suzuki 

16:30 – 17:39 

Met with Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeo Mori; and MOFA Director-General for North American Affairs Keiichi Ichikawa.  

18:38 – 18:53 

Met with Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeshi Fujii; Izumi; Cabinet Office Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination Hiroshi Tawa; Cabinet Office Director-General Yukihiro Hayashi; MOF Deputy Director-General of the Budget Bureau Hirotaka Unami; MHLW Director-General of Child and Family Policy Bureau Yumiko Watanabe; and MHLW Director-General for Policy Coordination Kazuhito Ihara.  


The virtual summit between Japan, the U.S., Australia and India commenced.  

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