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Secretary Blinken, Secretary Austin to strengthen ties with allies to deal with China

NHK reported that Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin contributed an op-ed to the Washington Post on Sunday ahead of their first overseas trip to Japan, South Korea, and other nations. The network said the two secretaries criticized China by name by writing: “Some seek to challenge the international order…. China in particular is all too willing to use coercion to get its way.” They also reportedly stressed that they will strengthen ties with U.S. allies through their visit by saying: “Our combined power makes us stronger when we must push back against China’s aggression and threats.” Concerning the human rights issues in Xinjang, Tibet, and Hong Kong as well as the issues of Taiwan and the South China Sea, they reportedly wrote: “We will hold China accountable.” Meanwhile, the network said the secretaries also indicated their intention to urge Japan and South Korea to improve their relations by saying: “We’re also focused on revitalizing the relationships between and among our allies.” Noting that top U.S. and Chinese diplomats are expected to hold talks in Alaska on March 18, the network said Washington is planning to align America’s policies with those of its allies before the meeting with China.

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