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Japan suicide cases rise for 1st time in 11 years in 2020

  • March 16, 2021
  • , Jiji Press , 11:12 a.m.
  • English Press

Tokyo, March 16 (Jiji Press)–The revised number of people who killed themselves in Japan in 2020 rose 912, or 4.5 pct, from the previous year to 21,081, up for the first time in 11 years, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Tuesday, citing National Police Agency statistics.


The revised figure was 162 higher than the preliminary result of 20,919, announced in January.


Of the total, men accounted for 14,055, down by 23 from the previous year, the 11th consecutive annual fall, while women accounted for 7,026, up by 935, the first increase in two years.


The health ministry suspects that the surge in suicide cases among women is linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, in which women may have faced worsening domestic abuse and other situations.


The rate of suicides per 100,000 people stood at 16.7, up by 0.7.


By age group, 3,568 suicide cases were confirmed among people in their 40s, 3,425 among those in their 50s, 3,026 among those in their 70s, 2,795 among those in their 60s and 2,610 among those in their 30s. The number of suicides among people in their 20s jumped by 404 to 2,521.


The suicide rate rose for all age groups except those in their 50s and 60s.

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