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Proposal made to promote hydrogen use

A Japanese association promoting the use of hydrogen as a next-generation energy source has made recommendations to build an environment that makes it easy to utilize the substance.


The Japan Hydrogen Association consists of more than 190 Japanese firms and municipalities.


Its three co-heads — Toyota Motor Chairman Uchiyamada Takeshi, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Chairman Kunibe Takeshi and Iwatani Corporation Chairman and CEO Makino Akiji — met Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Kajiyama Hiroshi on Tuesday. They handed him a document containing the recommendations.


The government aims to boost domestic demand for hydrogen to 3 million tons by 2030.


To help the government attain that goal, the association calls for the automobile, steel, financial and other industries to study ways to expand the use of hydrogen.


It recommends that the government boost budget and taxation support. It also asks that the government establish a special zone where related infrastructure can be intensively developed, and that any successful projects be applied to other areas.


Another proposal is to nurture human resources to work in research and development.


Kajiyama said hydrogen is essential in achieving a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


He expressed his willingness to work with the association to proceed with policies. He said he will do all he can to carry out regulatory reforms and institutional support based on the association’s views.

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