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Journalist claims U.S. military fails to check soil, water at Kadena AB after PFOS detection

  • March 22, 2021
  • , Okinawa Times
  • JMH Summary

Okinawa Times gave top play to a report by British freelance writer Jon Mitchell in which he claimed that following the detection of high levels of PFOS in a river and a well located near Kadena AB, the U.S. Air Force has not surveyed the soil or water near a fire extinguisher training site at the base, which is suspected to be the origin of the contamination. Mitchell wrote that the 18th Wing has told Okinawa Times that there used to be a two-story concrete building and an outdoor training ground at the fire extinguisher training facility, but the training ground is no longer in use. The writer also said the U.S. military did not answer his question on whether it will allow GOJ or Okinawa prefectural government officials to enter the base to investigate the possibility of PFOS contamination there and said such requests would be discussed by the U.S.-Japan Joint Committee. Okinawa Times reported in August last year that the training facility, which had been in use in the 1970s and 1980s, was located about 50 meters from the river in question and that the results of an Environment Ministry survey in June last year showed that 1,462 nanograms per liter of PFOS, which is about 50 times the government-set limit of 50 nanograms, was detected in the river.

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