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USFJ says U.S.-Japan agreement on low-altitude flights does not apply to helicopters 

  • March 23, 2021
  • , Mainichi
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Mainichi led with a report saying that U.S. Forces Japan submitted a written response to the paper’s inquiry on U.S. military helicopters’ low-altitude flights in Japan saying that the 1999 U.S.-Japan Joint Committee agreement on aircraft flight altitudes does not apply to helicopters, whose features are different from those of fixed-wing aircraft. Noting that the GOJ has explained that the agreement applies to all aircraft regardless of type, the paper wrote that low-altitude flights by U.S. military helicopters are being conducted despite a discrepancy between the views of the United States and Japan on the agreement. The paper wrote that MOFA’s Status of U.S. Forces Agreement Division has told the paper that the agreement applies to low-altitude flight training regardless of the type of aircraft and that Foreign Minister Motegi stated at a Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee session on March 19 that the types of aircraft to which the agreement applies are not defined.   

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