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Suga reportedly said he’ll stay mum about election

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide has reportedly indicated to an opposition party lawmaker that he will not comment about when he will dissolve the Lower House for a snap election until the last minute.


Upper House lawmaker Suzuki Muneo of Nippon Ishin met with Suga at the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday.


The meeting came as senior officials of the ruling coalition commented on the timing of the general election.


Suzuki told reporters he raised the issue and Suga said that lawmakers must be prepared now that three and a half years have passed since the last Lower House election. The term of office of Lower House members is four years.


Suzuki also said Suga told him it’s best to not comment on an election until the last minute.


Suzuki said he intends to get ready for the next general election no matter when it is held.

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