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GOJ mulls timing for announcement of new target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions

NHK reported that Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato told reporters today that the GOJ will decide when to present to the international community Japan’s new 2030 target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions while examining its climate change policy ahead of the series of international conferences on climate change. Kato reportedly said: “Prime Minister Suga has already expressed his intent to decide on an ambitious reduction target ahead of the COP26 in November. The timing is yet to be decided, but as we examine our policy ahead of a series of international conferences, we hope to decide when to present our reduction target to the international community.” Concerning a new government panel of experts on climate change, Kato reportedly said: “The panel will hold cross-sectoral discussions on measures against climate change and examine the policy of realizing a green economy from the viewpoint of conserving the global environment.” In addition, Kato reportedly said that Japan hopes to “lead the international community” in realizing a decarbonized society by working closely with each nation ahead of the COP26.

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