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U.S. media: North Korea fired multiple short-range missiles last weekend 

NHK reported this morning that several media outlets in the U.S. reported that according to a USG source, North Korea fired multiple short-range missiles over the weekend. According to the network, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday that North Korea fired multiple short-range missiles. ABC TV also reported that a U.S. official confirmed on Tuesday that North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles sometime over the weekend. The network said no details of the test-firings, such as the launch site or the landing point, have been reported. North Korea has yet to announce that it launched the missiles. A senior USG official reportedly said on Tuesday that although the USG is aware of North Korea’s military activity last weekend, it is not covered by UNSC sanctions that limit the use of ballistic missiles. The official reportedly added that while the USG takes all military activities of North Korea seriously, the move is considered to be within North Korea’s normal activities. The official also reportedly stressed that it was a short-range system. 

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