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Japan’s ambassador thanks Hubei chief for help

Japan’s Ambassador to China, Tarumi Hideo, has thanked the top official in China’s Hubei Province, Ying Yong, for helping Japanese nationals get home when the coronavirus started spreading last year.


Tarumi met with Ying in Hubei’s capital, Wuhan, on Monday. The ambassador expressed his appreciation for the support that various sectors of the provincial and city governments provided.


Ying replied that the Japanese government and the people of Japan gave Hubei Province a lot of support, when the coronavirus situation there was serious. He said he is sincerely grateful for that.


Tarumi is the first Japanese ambassador to visit Wuhan, since the city went into lockdown for two and a half months last year.


The Japanese government sent chartered flights to China on five occasions last year between January and February. The planes brought back 828 nationals and others.


When Tarumi visited the Chinese city of Tianjin, as part of his first local tour last week, the city’s top official Li Hongzhong strongly condemned Japan and the US for their positions against China. But Japan’s embassy says that issue was not brought up during the talks between Tarumi and Ying.

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