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LDP approves security-linked land bill

  • March 23, 2021
  • , Jiji Press , 2:23 p.m.
  • English Press

Tokyo, March 23 (Jiji Press)–Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Tuesday approved a bill drawn up by the government to regulate the use of land lots deemed important for national security.


After gaining the nod of approval from Komeito, the LDP’s coalition partner, the government plans to adopt the bill at a cabinet meeting as early as Friday and submit it to the Diet, the country’s parliament.


Meanwhile, the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan told the LDP of its opposition to the bill.


On the government’s original draft of the bill, Komeito claimed that the scope of proposed restrictions on private rights was too broad.


The LDP and Komeito later reached a working-level agreement to revise the draft to have it say that the government must give full consideration to the protection of personal information. The revised bill also stipulates that regulations to be imposed must be kept to a bare minimum.

Also, the two parties have agreed to exclude urban areas from being subject to advance reporting of land transaction, which will be required for some designated areas under the planned legislation.


On Tuesday, CDP Diet affairs chief Jun Azumi told his LDP counterpart, Hiroshi Moriyama, that the government “must handle (the bill) very carefully as it involves private rights” and that his party “cannot agree at all” to the bill.


With the opposition Japanese Communist Party sharing its view with the CDP on the planned legislation, a faceoff between the ruling and opposition camps over the bill is expected to be seen once it is submitted to the Diet.


“National security should not be used as an excuse for taking private right restrictions for granted,” Azumi told reporters.

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