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Japan awards Chinese man for help amid pandemic

A Chinese businessman has been awarded a Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation for helping the country’s nationals return from Wuhan, China, when the coronavirus first spread in the city last year.


Japan’s Ambassador to China, Tarumi Hideo, presented Zhu Dunyao with an award certificate on Tuesday in Wuhan.


The capital of Hubei Province went into lockdown early last year for two-and-a-half months. The Japanese government sent chartered flights to China on five occasions between January and February. The planes brought back 828 nationals and others.


Zhu had arranged for buses and drivers to transport those people to the airport in Wuhan. He also negotiated with local officials to obtain permission for the buses to pass through when traffic restrictions were in place.


Zhu has studied in Japan. He has supported Japanese companies over the years by helping them to start businesses in China and in other ways.


Zhu said he wants to continue to make diligent and sincere efforts to promote and develop exchanges between the two countries.

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