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  • March 26, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on President Biden’s remarks at a press conference on Thursday saying that North Korea’s ballistic missile tests were in violation of a UNSC resolution and that there will be “responses” if North Korea “escalates” (NHK), the derailment of a JR Joban Line train after colliding with a vehicle in Ibaraki (NTV), the start of the Olympic torch relay yesterday (TBS, Fuji TV), and the 394 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Tokyo on Thursday (TV Asahi).  


Top items in national papers included an informal decision by the governments of Japan and the U.S. to issue a joint statement when President Biden and Prime Minister Suga hold talks in Washington next month, the start of the Olympic torch relay, North Korea’s ballistic missile tests, and robust carbon emissions trading in Europe.   

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