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PM Suga vows to discuss North Korea with President Biden in upcoming summit

NHK reported at noon that Prime Minister Suga said at an Upper House Budget Committee meeting today that he will raise North Korea as one of the top items on the agenda at the upcoming summit with President Biden in April. According to the network, Suga said that the first ballistic missile launches by North Korea in about a year “threaten the peace and security of our nation” and cannot be tolerated, stressing the need to boost surveillance more than ever. In response to a question on whether he plans to raise the issue as one of the top items on the agenda during the summit, the premier reportedly said: “I’m not going to make presumptions about what will be on the agenda at this point, but I would like to work closely with President Biden on North Korea policy, including the issue of ballistic missiles. Of course, I would like to do so in the form of discussions.” When asked whether he will invite President Biden to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Suga reportedly said: “Naturally, we will invite him since all of the G7 leaders agreed at the virtual G7 summit to make the Games a success.” 

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