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FM Motegi asked U.S. to ensure safety of U.S. military flights over Tokyo

Mainichi wrote that concerning U.S. military helicopters’ repeated low-altitude flights over central Tokyo, Foreign Minister Motegi stated at a meeting of the Upper House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense on Tuesday that he has asked Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin to take thorough measures to ensure the safety of U.S. military aircraft operations in Japan. The paper quoted Motegi as saying he believes that it is necessary to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of flights, including low-altitude flight training. The paper wrote that Motegi also said he has asked senior U.S. officials, including Secretary Blinken, Secretary Austin, Indo-Pacific Command Commander Davidson, and U.S. Forces Japan Commander Schneider, to take thorough measures. The paper speculated that Motegi may have made the request to Secretary Blinken and Secretary Austin at the U.S.-Japan 2+2 meeting held in Tokyo on March 16.

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