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  • March 31, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports that Osaka confirmed more than 400 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday and plans to ask the GOJ to allow it to call on eateries and other businesses to take restrictions without the issuance of a state of emergency (NHK, NTV, TBS, TV Asahi) and that 23 officials of the Health Ministry attended a party until midnight in the Ginza district of Tokyo on March 24 despite restrictions on restaurants’ business hours due to COVID-19 (Fuji TV).


Top stories in national dailies included the Education Ministry’s announcement of the results of its screening of high school textbooks (Asahi, Yomiuri, Sankei), the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization’s conclusion that there were ethical problems with the reality TV show “Terrace House” in view of a cast member’s suicide after being harshly criticized online for her behavior on the show (Mainichi), and the opinion that the signs pointing to a global crisis today are very similar to those seen before World War II (Nikkei).

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