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State Department orders diplomats to leave Myanmar

NHK reported at noon that the State Department ordered its diplomats, government officials, and their families residing in Myanmar (Burma) to leave the country on account of the ongoing crackdown on demonstrators by the Myanmar military. According to the network, Secretary Blinken strongly condemned the Myanmar military and called on foreign governments and companies to reconsider their investments in firms that have relations with the military. The network said that according to a local human rights group, at least 510 people have been killed in Myanmar since the coup there. Secretary Blinken reportedly said at a press conference on Tuesday that the U.S. condemns the violations by security forces “in the strongest terms” and pointed out that “some countries and some companies in various parts of the world have significant investments in enterprises that support the Burmese military” and urged them to reconsider their investments to deny the military financial support. Noting that more than 400 Japanese companies have bases in Myanmar, the network said they may be required to take action depending on the moves of the USG.

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