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Japan ranks 120th in gender equality

  • March 31, 2021
  • , NHK
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NHK reported on this year’s global gender gap report released by the World Economic Forum on Wednesday, saying that Japan was ranked 120th out of 156 nations. The network said the document indicates that Japanese men still have more opportunities to participate in politics and the economy than women. According to the report, which looks into four categories—political empowerment, health and survival, economic participation and opportunity, and educational attainment—Iceland topped the list as the country with the smallest gender gap for the 12th straight time, followed by Finland and Norway. The network said although Japan fared well in the education and health categories, it received poor assessments in the political and economic categories. The report said the percentage of female members of the Lower House of the Diet and the Cabinet remains low, as does the percentage of women in managerial positions at companies.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato reportedly told the press this morning: “Japan is at the lowest level among the developed nations, and among Asian nations, it is ranked lower than South Korea, China, and ASEAN members. Our scores are low especially in the economic and political sectors. This shows that while other nations are accelerating their efforts to achieve gender equality, our efforts are lagging behind and we need to further step up our efforts.” Concerning the fact that there are only two female Cabinet members, Kato reportedly said: “I think Prime Minister Suga made that decision from the perspective of appointing the right person for the right job while also promoting women’s participation. It is important to promote women’s participation in the political sector in order to reflect the will of the people in policies. We will promote women’s empowerment while obtaining cooperation from each party.”

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