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White House press secretary says U.S. hopes to deepen bilateral coordination on supply chains at summit

NHK reported at noon that when White House Press Secretary Psaki was asked by a reporter whether the U.S. is planning to reach an agreement on strengthening semiconductor supply chains during the upcoming U.S.-Japan summit slated for April 16 in Washington, she reportedly responded: “The U.S.-Japan alliance is a cornerstone of peace, security, and prosperity in the region. That is one of the reasons why we are working to deepen our close coordination across a variety of areas, including supply chains.” Noting that President Biden has expressed his intent to review the supply chains for semiconductors and rare earths that are in short supply worldwide by saying, “We shouldn’t have to rely on a foreign country—especially one that doesn’t share our interests or values,” the network predicted that the topic will be a major item on the agenda of the upcoming summit.

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